Meghan Trainor is a Seattle artist exploring the intersections of human & machine, tangible & ephemeral, digital & physical. Her work has been shown and performed at spaces including the Flux Factory, New York; The Disseney Hub, Barcelona; The Esther M. Klein Art Gallery, Philadelphia; and 911 Media Art Center, Seattle.

She completed her Masters at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of the Arts/New York University and achieved Doctoral Candidacy at the University of Washington’s Center for Digital Art & Experimental Media. She has been artist-in-residence at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Digital Performance Institute and the Janie & James Washington Foundation.

She is currently working on Sphagnan, a collaborative performance series, with Sarah Lypstk.  A narrative akin to Thomas Pynchon for Girls, Sphagnan explores bog rituals, Northwest history, living outside, the craftsmanship of conductive ink making, digital witchcraft, adventure, and transformation.